Our Strategy

Our Strategy

What is “Lean”?


What is “Scrum”?

What’s in it for you?

Project Initiation

We’ll take the time to help you realize your vision. Why are you investing in this project? Who are the stakeholders of the design? Who and how do you want to use the space? Are you trying to solve a particular problem?

We’ll work with you to define a Project Roadmap. We’ll take your high-level goals and sketch them onto a timeline which takes into account any important dates that might affect your project.

To discover your high-level goals, we’ll investigate how you’ll want the space to function and how you envision it serving you.

Release Planning

For each phase of the Project Roadmap, we’ll refine your high-level goals into specific details. We call this activity “Release Planning”.

The Sprint

Periodically, monthly or more frequently depending on the size of your project, we’ll host several planning and review sessions.

Sprint Planning

At the start of each Sprint, we’ll meet with you to talk through solutions. This might take the shape of mood boards, prototyping - for commercial projects - and testing the design.

During this time, we’ll start making decisions, and you’ll be presented with options for each of the goals you’ve defined in the Release Planning session.

Daily Planning

The design team meets each morning to organize a plan for the day. This planning session is available for you to join as well, offering you a great regular opportunity for transparency into the work we’re doing.

Sprint Review

At the end of each Sprint, we’ll meet with you to inspect the work that has been completed. We create space for you to provide us feedback on that work, and offer suggestions on what needs to change and which of those changes matter most.

Sprint Retrospective

Once a Sprint, we’ll meet with you to discuss how our team is doing on your project. We’ll talk about what adjustments we need to make as a team on our process. This session is an opportunity for us to serve you better and to grow as a team.